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The Midi Master Plan (PAD – Plan d’Aménagement Directeur) is a regional urban development plan that aims to allow the redevelopment and densification of a vast area around the Midi Station by authorising, in particular, the construction of new towers and other high-rise buildings.

We, the residents of the Midi neighbourhood or ordinary citizens concerned with a reasoned and sustainable development of the territory, are opposed to the adoption of this PAD Midi.

Indeed, this plan seems above all designed to allow the megalomaniac projects of the large private and semi-public landowners to see the light of day: the new SNCB headquarters overhanging Fonsny Avenue, the construction of towers up 150m. It encourages real estate speculation, which is already present, and is to the detriment of the inhabitants of the surrounding districts:

– The high-rise buildings (up to 150 m) planned by the PAD will have a strong and negative impact on the landscape, the views and the sunlight. This bric-a-brac of bars and towers will impose itself on the landscape and the views towards the valley from numerous perspectives (av. du Roi, chaussée de Waterloo-rue Théodore Verhaegen, rue de l’Instruction, bd Lemmonier…) but also directly from the dwellings in the surrounding districts (Cureghem, St-Gilles). They will steal precious hours of sunlight and block views of the sky… which are sometimes the last available natural space for the inhabitants of these densely populated neighbourhoods;

The planned building density will inevitably lead to additional car traffic, even in an area well served by public transport. The planned building density will inevitably lead to additional car traffic, even in an area that is well served by public transport. This area is already one of the most saturated in the region due to the car and lorry traffic from and to the Ring;

The realisation of the PAD implies numerous heavy and energy-consuming demolition-reconstruction operations (creation of tons of waste, truck transport, etc.). Indeed, it implies the demolition of numerous buildings (250,000 m²), some of which are barely 20 years old, in order to rebuild them in a denser area (500,000 m²). This wastefulness is in total contradiction with any ecological and climate impact reduction ambition.

The projects will impose a continuous series of building sites for several years, which will further degrade the possibilities of using public space and the living conditions for users;

The inhabitants of the Midi district need schools, nurseries, sports facilities, affordable housing, real parks that are easily accessible, biodiversity, etc. However, the PAD programme does not meet these needs at all or only marginally (e.g. the new housing planned has no social character and no other facilities are planned)

In conclusion, we ask that this PAD Midi be abandoned. On the other hand, we ask for the maintenance or the reduction of the existing heights (already sometimes too high), an improvement of the public space, of the green and permeable spaces, the creation of equipment and housing responding to the needs of the inhabitants, all things that can be achieved without going through a PAD!

Pétition pour l’abandon du PAD Midi  

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